*Is there parking nearby?

The closest parking garage is Trenchard St Parking 


*Are there changing rooms, mats and equipment to use?

Yes, all our equipment is free to use :)


*Which class shall I go for as a beginner?

We do offer some beginner-focused classes and it is best to go to them if possible to learn the basics that way! However, beginners are always welcome to attend all classes.


*Which style of Yoga might be best for me? I am confused by all the styles!


  • Hatha -  does include all styles of physical Yoga. It is often known as the more slow and gentle form, though this may not always be the case as it can be very dynamic. It is considered the best class for beginners to learn the poses (Asana). Classes can vary entirely as no set series of postures is practiced.

  • Hatha Flow - moving through poses with the breath. No set series...

  • Vinyasa Flow - Similar to Hatha Flow, although with an influence from Ashtanga - It can be physically challenging. No set series…

  • Ashtanga Yoga - This does include a set series of poses practiced the same each time. It is physically challenging and increases heat in the body. Expect to sweat and purify! 

  • Kundalini Yoga - This is different to all of the above, as it does not focus mainly on Hatha poses/ asanas.  A typical class includes some Asana, breath work/pranayama, mantras, chanting and meditation which has the effect of expanding awareness/ consciousness.

  • Restorative Yoga - this is a floor based practice which is very gentle, focused on releasing tension from the body. Lots of props are used and poses are held for several minutes.

  • Yin Yoga - is a restorative style which also involves holding poses for several minutes. It is gentle, although also allowing some discomfort as tension is released, which can be an emotional experience too.

  • Yoga Nidra involves lying down in Shavasana and being taken on a journey through the guidance of the teacher’s voice. This brings a deeply relaxed state of awareness which can be healing and restorative on many levels.