At the centre of my being is a heartfelt desire to live authentically and purposefully. Since early adulthood, I have focused my energy towards understanding life and how we can fully blossom as human beings.

Wazee Walks

Studio head & owner

My style of teaching is holistic, potent and original with much emphasis on positive transformation and evoking the deeper aspects of our being.

I hold weekly classes that are designed to uplift, empower, upgrade, optimize, renew and illuminate...

Contact: iam@wazeewalks.com

T: 07588310342

W: www.wazeewalks.com

Mischa Roque

Hatha & Hatha Flow

Mischa has taught Hatha/Hatha Flow for over 6 years and practised for 16. Inspired by and having studied with many amazing teachers including: Laura Gilmore, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Francoise Freedman. Mischa is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher and recently received a diploma in Well Woman Yoga.

Mischa’s classes explore breath, movement & awareness, using gentle-dynamic moving meditations, combined with powerful techniques including mudra, mantra and yoga nidra. Students are encouraged to honour the wisdom of their bodies, experiencing the joy of simply being.

Contact-07904073535/ yoga.mischa@gmail.com

Tash Neely

Ashtanga & Vinyasa

Ellie Whittaker

Hatha & Hatha Flow

I teach Hatha yoga with a focus on breathing, conscious movement and meditation. I am passionate about giving people a chance to get to know themselves and their bodies which is why I leave time for breathing exercises and meditation in my classes. I also teach vinyasa, gentle flow and meditation. I am also slightly nuts about the sea and I run surf and yoga retreats for all levels of experience and ability. I gained my 200 hour teaching training in Bali at The Practice yoga school.

Contact elly.whittaker@gmail.com/


Elena Byers

Vinyasa & Hatha Flow

Clare Preskett

Active Consciousness Meditation

Clare teaches a holistic, integrated, and transformative style of yoga called Sattva, which comes from deep within the Himalayan Tantric yoga tradition. The practice is a blend of meditation, prānāyāma, kriyā, Himalayan kundalini, mantra, hatha yoga and freedom movement. 

 Her Active Consciousness Meditation classes use meditation, mantra and kriya techniques to activate your consciousness, leaving you with a feeling of bliss and wholeness.


Clare studied Sattva Yoga under the guidance of Spiritual Master Anand Mehrotra at Sattva Yoga Academy, located in the foothills of the




Katerina Dvorakova 

Hatha & Hatha Flow

In 2010 I began yoga, but found deeper meaning in it training to become a Geography teacher in 2015. Yoga quietened my busy mind at this challenging time; I had better relationships with my students and myself.  


In 2017 I received my Ashtanga and Vinyasa 200H teacher training at Sampoorna Yoga, India. My teachers were intuitive and open; their style informs my teaching today.  I seek to incorporate philosophy, pranayama and mudras into classes and workshops for holistic healing.



Much of Elena’s life has been spent training in the creative body. Diverse years studying movement, performance, singing and visual arts furthering her fascination with the body’s ability to creatively express. As a yogi it brings her to a deep understanding of physical anatomy, and an appreciation for the beautiful way different bodies create their asana practice. And as a teacher, it inspires patience and playfulness in her classes. As well as public & one to one classes, you can find her teaching internationally at festivals & working locally with community groups and schools to bring yoga and arts practices to more isolated communities.

Contact--elenabyers@hotmail.co.uk/ 07835813910

I am certified yoga teacher and massage therapist. I have been teaching with a great passion since 2010, stemming from my desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body and mind.

My yoga classes incorporate a flow of physical postures with breath awareness as well as static postures, meditation and relaxation. Classes are suitable for all levels. I offer modifications and adjustments so that everybody can experience postures being taught providing a safe, relaxing and inclusive environment.

Contact dvorakovak@yahoo.co.uk/07762184233

Ena Korponai

Kundalini & Hatha

Since discovering yoga in 2006 I have personally experienced its transformative effects and was inspired to follow the yogic path. Through yoga and healing I have transformed the way I feel and see everything. I completed my first 200-hour YTT in Hatha yoga at the Himalayan Yoga Institute & second training in Kundalini Yoga with I-SKY.

I have been practicing various forms of yoga for over a decade with a focus on Kundalini Yoga since 2012. I offer classes in both Hatha & Kundalini and run regular gong baths, community events and workshops. My mission is to share my experiences & learnings, to encourage you to find your true self through spiritual practice and conscious living.


Noemie Fontenelle

Hatha Yoga


Enjoy and share a Hatha yoga practice every Friday 12-1pm. My teaching encourages a mindful approach during which we receive the opportunity to connect to our bodies through the use of breath. My love for yoga stems from
the belief in its ability to bring us a sense of compassion for who we are in the present moment.

The class offers a nurturing environment that is accessible to all. We will explore a range of positions that focus on different aspects of body and mind in order to become stronger and more flexible both emotionally and physically, allowing you to leave the space with greater positivity and a feeling of wellness.

Contact: 07940505998 – noemieyogaconnect@gmail.com

Tia Psihogios

Hatha & Yin

Some level of stress can be good for us, it can inspire action and productivity; but too much stress can be counterproductive and leave us feeling overwhelmed, over stimulated and well, just plain frazzled.
This hatha based yoga class invites you to explore movement and breath to soothe and nourish body, mind and soul. Expect a combination of pranayama (breathing) exercises and mindful movement to release tension and invite a sense of presence and ease. The class will end with some longer held, more yin style postures to really release and let go. A chance to step out of the day to day and create your own oasis of calm.


Massimiliano Balo

Ashtanga Yoga

Massimiliano started practising Yoga in 2008 in London. He practiced several different styles including Ashtanga Vinyasa. After years of practice he started the 200hr teacher training at Abhinam school in India where he qualified as Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher.
He learned the Iyengar Yoga, focuses on extension and alignment, using props where
necessary for achieving the asana. He desire to share the benefits he experienced through his own yoga practice. Massimiliano’s classes are dynamic with a strong emphasis on the breath who will help to build strength, stability, flexibility and mental calm. The class is for beginners who want to start to approach Yoga, however
intermediate are very welcome for more attentive focus on details.



John Malone

Authentic Relating


Some years ago I was invited to just be with other people in a group, to drop any need to perform or manage others and to just observe and respect my own feelings and experience. This day changed my life.


Since then I have done hundreds of hours of Interpersonal Mindfulness and completed the facilitation trainings with Authentic Relating International and with Circling Europe. The principles and exercises allow us to shine a light on the habitual patterns of thought, speech, breath and movement that we have accumulated, the things we do or think when with others due to anxiety, social convention or avoidance of tension.


Creating a space where we help each other slow down and experience a greater level of connection - with our own feelings and with each other - gives me a great deal of joy.


Joy Van

Vinyasa Flow


Over time yoga has become something that I couldn’t live without. As someone who had never previously considered myself to be particularly well-coordinated or physically capable, yoga was the first thing I found which doesn’t matter how strong, bendy or balanced you are; there’s something accessible to everyone.


I was hooked, and have watched with fascination what yoga has done for me; building strength and resilience not only physically but mentally too.

I aim for my classes to be energetic and fun. We work hard but within our limits; wobbles and laughter are welcome.


Contact joyvan1@outlook.com/


Nick Shand

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Nick attended his first yoga class whilst at university and was completely hooked. Since then a sustained yoga practice has brought so many benefits. Developing strength and flexibility, as well as a sense of balance and inner-peace. Nick recently trained in India to become a qualified teacher, hoping to share the amazing benefits of yoga with others.


Nicks classes are thoughtfully sequenced to energise and open the body. Tuning into the breath and subtleties of the body. Combining strong, dynamic movements, with deeply relaxing and restorative postures. Leaving you feeling energised and restored.



Emilia Gzyl

Hatha & Yin

I love Yoga! I began my Yoga Journey over 12 years ago. Fascinated by the connection of body and mind and the healing aspects of bodywork I trained to become a Massage Therapist in 2008. I’ve been offering a variety of bodywork in my  own professional practice since then. In 2014 joined the Hatha Yoga course in Mexico completing 120 hrs.


Following that course I joined a Hatha Yoga and Traditional Tantra 200 hrs TTC in India. Upon returning I joined Uma Dismore Tuli on her Womb Yoga Teacher Training in London in 2016. In 2017 I completed  50 hrs of Mindfulness Yin Yoga Teacher Training.



Helen Dean

Kundalini Yoga

I discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2009 and have personally experienced it's transformative effects. Practising kundalini yoga leaves me with a deep feeling of inner peace and happiness. I enjoy being able to do a kriya or meditation in a specific sequence to work on physical, emotional and mental levels. I completed my certification with the school of Karam Kriya under Shiv Charan Singh in both London and Portugal. I have also recently finished training as a transformational and health coach with Integrative Nutrition. I hope to inspire anyone who has been thinking of trying Kundalini Yoga to come, take a class and enjoy the benefits this yoga can bring to your life.


River Mace

Sun Hatha

River originally trained as a classical dancer and has been moving her body creatively ever since. In the last 5 years she has been practicing yoga, addicted to the positive effects it has had on her mental wellbeing. River is passionate about helping people to reconnect and love their bodies finding joy in movement and stillness.


Rivers classes are carefully designed taking you through an enlivening nurturing experience. It is as much as a work out as a work in. Advanced postures will be woven into the sequence and broken down to their most basic form so all levels will benefit. She hopes you will leave her class feeling grounded and empowered ready to embrace the rest of the day with ease and grace.

Contact- rivermace@gmail.com/ 07528475974

Beth Gregory


I  have been practising Yoga for 7 years and completed my 200 hours YTT with Himalaya Yoga Valley Goa earlier this year. My training was strongly influenced by B.K.S Iyengar and so integrity within the practice and alignment is central to my teachings.


My classes encourage students to connect with their body, their breath and the subtle energies of the body - challenging themselves whilst also respecting their boundaries. My teachings honour the source of yoga and students will leave feeling empowered within their practice. 



Contact-ajnayogauk@gmail.com/ 07576696469

Ashtanga Yoga

Natasha Kembrey

Energising Flow


 I was first drawn to yoga in my late teens/early twenties and what drew me in after my first couple of classes was the that feeling of connection, I soon wanted to learn more. After practicing a while longer I did my first yoga teacher training in Goa, India. Since then I’ve completed forest inspired pregnancy teacher training with Charlotte speller and an anatomy and physiology 60 hour training with Chris Gladwell and Sarah Harlow. 

We call yoga a practice and that practice certainly becomes a way of life, the practice of yoga and the lessons from everyday life is a constant learning process, I learn so much every day and one of the reasons I love to teach is that I also learn so much from my students.  My wish is for people to leave my classes feeling more connected and more in harmony with themselves and others. 





Contact natashakembrey@icloud.com/



Tessie Humble

Ashtanga Yoga


Tessie has been studying yoga for 15years across Scotland, England, Berlin, Turkey and India. First encountering yoga in Rishikesh, India, in 2004, Tessie returned to this sacred town in 2016 for her teacher training. She studied Ashtanga and believes the simple dedication to repetition brings a lot to our society where commitment and devotion are often missing. She also loves Vinyasa and its wider scope for asana development.

The other part of Tessie’s life iis dedicated to human and ecological justice and believes that humanity and the world is ours to take care of. She also practices ceremony and ritual and sees this as core to healing and transformation in order to serve this world as best we can.

Contact tessiehumble1@gmail.com /


Posy Sparey

Hatha Flow & Restorative


Posy spent her early years training as a gymnast and later as a dancer, inspiring a deep passion for creative movement. Her love for physicality and expression was strengthened during her time at Drama School in which yoga, laben, and alexander technique nurtured a growing passion for conscious movement. 
She has been practicing for 7 years and completed her 200 hour Teacher Training in Rishikesh before continuing to travel further north in the Himalayan mountains.

Since her time in India she enjoy’s incorporating daily practice and Ayurvedic principles maintaining a more holistic lifestyle. With a love for travel and meeting people from all walks of life, she aims to encompass a creative, relaxed and explorative environment for all abilities, in which everyone has the opportunity to feel a deeper connection to themselves and leave feeling more at home in their mind and body.

Contact- posysparey@gmail.com/07739488108

George Watson

Zen Movement

Fifteen years ago George spent a couple of years in Japan and since  then has been looking to bring the peace and energy of zen into  everyday life (with varying degrees of success). The result, based  
on years of teaching and observing what people want, need and do, is a style of zen movement; physical exercise entirely rooted in the relaxed alertness of zen meditation and the Daoist triple cultivation approach of mind, body and energy. The style is accessible, interactive and adaptable.








Contact George-george@zenfree.co.uk 

07462 804854

Rowan Ellis

Hatha & YinYang

Hello I'm Rowan! I’m a yoga teacher in Bristol that loves anything yogi related! I trained in the Himalayas for my teacher training but have been practising yoga for around 8 years now.

I teach traditional styles of Yoga like Hatha, Vinyassa, Astanga style and Yin, so that comes with adjustments, meditation and some yogi philosophy too! I make sure my classes are beginner to intermediate. But everyone is welcome!



Yoko Pingala

Hatha Energy Flow & Prana Yoga Nidra


Yoko is a Yogi, Ayurvedic teacher, artist and shaman. She was drawn to Yoga and holistic therapies ten years ago due to health issues, and, after healing herself of all problems, was inspired to help others.

Yoko has an innate ability to see energy flow within a person, and, through correct alignment and posture correction, can help prana to flow freely within each unique individual. This gift has led to breakthrough work with students in many countries.

“When Prana flows, the spirit shines.” Yoko.

Contact- pingalaholistic@gmail.com

Adri Szigeti

Flow Yoga


I passionately share the benefits of yoga with people around me. Classes follow traditional Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, Himalayan tradition of yoga meditation, Iyengar focus on alignment, vinyasa for strength and conditioning.


In combination, finding a much-needed balance between challenging our bodies and quieting our minds.

I recently completed a qualification for Yoga For Cancer. I welcome everyone, including those curious to start their yoga practice, to reach out with any questions, be it yoga for cancer, general, stress & anxiety relief or anything else.

Contact- adri@bobbleyoga.com/


Becky Neusinger

Liquid Flow


Yoga came into my life at a point where I was particularly stuck. My life has transformed since then and the role of yoga as a consistent player throughout this has been central. Yoga has supported me without me even knowing it which inspires me to share this potential with others. By practising yoga for release, strength and flexibility I cultivated profound change, self-love and confidence.


I am a 200hour Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher. I have completed additional trainings in yin yoga, aerial yoga and thai massage which have provided me a deeper understanding of yoga and its many forms and benefits.

For me yoga is a tool for the individual to connect with the self in any way that works, there are no rules or rights or wrongs, only self-expression. Through nurturing this self-expression and care we can then reach out and connect with the collective, developing strong, lasting, loving relationships with ourselves and others.'

Contact beckyneusinger@googlemail.com /


Rosie Kelly

Vinyasa Krama


My fascination of the human form is what initially brought me to bodywork and then to yoga.

Through exploring ancient practices of yoga, we can find delight in the breath and in how we move, and take this off the mat to becoming more graceful and conscious in our whole human experience.

Aside from feeling more relaxed and at ease in your mind, I aim to inspire pride, pleasure and a feeling of being at home in your incredible body.

My classes are suitable for all levels as we will work with a 'kramic' (step-by-step) approach.

I enjoy selecting a carefully considered playlist for each class and welcome any suggestions for new music to play!

Contact hello@rosiekellymassage.com/ 

07454801771 FB & Insta: @RosieMassage


Doug Karson

Flow & Restore


Doug has been practicing yoga his whole life as his mother was his first teacher.  Teaching since 2003, he has a wealth of experience with trainings in Himalayan Hatha, Prana Kriya, Mediatation, Iyengar, Restorative and many hours of teaching experience. 


His style is firm but compassionate and he believes that yoga is the pursuit of clarity of perspective.








Contact- dougkarson@gmail.com/



Lucia Mini

Aroma Gong Baths

Lucia is Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and on a journey to become gong healer and homeopath. She also paints abstractions, and exhibit her paintings in Bristol (Bristol West Art Trail – the most recent one). She paints Energy and is on a mission to create experiences
where people can connect with themselves.

She runs workshops where people paint their inner energy. The recent calming down sessions (Aroma gong bath and
reiki) are about the inner journey, it’s about you slowing down and rerouting your principals so you can heal yourself.
For Reiki treatments/workshops contact me on

Contact-imageluciam@gmail.com/ 07701032723
For my paintings visit bit.ly/karibuart